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Type of tyre

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The choice of tyre with the correct wheel or castor is crucially important. The castor should be chosen knowing the required load capacity, the application and environmental conditions.


The wheels are made in a thermoplastic injection moulding productions for free running on smooth floors, they are nearly unbreakable under high loads and have a long lifespan.


Made from high quality recycled material. This solid standard tyre is used for light to medium capacities.

Elastic rubber

a high quality tyre with long rolling resistance. The rim seat is secured by a wire mesh foot in the tyre. In case of high vertical forces a tyre with steel band foot can be supplied on request. The tyres are interchangeable and can be pressed on rims following DIN 7845. As an alternative we offer a direct vulcanised high quality elastic rubber which is bonded by chemical adhesives firmly on the rim.


is a high quality polyurethane made in a moulding operation by polyaddition. The necessary bonding to the rims and steel band foots is guaranteed by a careful pretreatment of the metal and chemical adhesives. TOPTHANE® has rubber-elastic characteristic features and can be used for hardest purposes.

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