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Wicke ürün no..: 210898

Döner ruletler KSG LLAK 01/100/55K

• swivel fork with tapered roller bearing and axial ball bearing in the swivel head, yellow anodised
• swivel head bolted and secured
• bolted wheel axle

Swivel forks with LAK series top plate are made in extra heavy duty welded steel construction. The swivel head is equipped with a precision axial ball bearing (DIN 711/ISO 104) and a tapered roller bearing (DIN 720/ISO 355). Although the bearings are greased for life, they can be additionally greased with the grease nipple. The swivel head and the yoke are bolted and secured with a welding point, the swivel fork is yellow chromatised.

Cast polyamide wheels series KSG, complete with ball bearings for extra heavy duty applications
• minimum running resistance on smooth surfaces
• break-resistant with high load capacities
• resistant against saltwater, bases and acids
• heat resistant from -25°C to +80°C

KSG series wheels are extra heavy duty machined cast polyamide wheels made of high quality PA 6 G in natural color (white). The wheels are available with ball bearing. Cast polyamide is suitable for applications for a temperature range of -25° up to +80°C.

starting resistance: optimaloptimal
Yuvarlanma direnci: optimaloptimal
Hareket gürültüsü: sufficientsufficient
Wear: iyiiyi

Teknik bilgiler
Çapi (D): 100 mm
Teker genisligi (T): 55 mm
Top-Plate width: 135 mm
Top-Plate length: 110 mm
Top-Plate thickness: 8 mm
Vida delik çapi (d): 11 mm
Toplam yükseklik (H): 148 mm
Merkez kaçikligi (F): 42 mm
Tasima kapasitesi: 1.500 kg
Yatak türü: Kugellager
Jant malzemesi: Stahl
Aks delik çapi: 25 mm
Porya genisligi: 60 mm

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