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Wicke Tekerlekler ve Makara - We keep it in motion

Wicke dünya çapında yaklaşık 900 çalışanı ile şirket içi ulaşım için endüstriyel tekerlekler, lastikler, akslar, direksiyon ve sabit tekerlek bir lider üreticisidir.

Konteyner tekerlekler, yay monte edilmiş direksiyon makaraları ve özel üst uç ağır tekerleri haddeleme, özellikle yük tekerlekleri tahrik tekerlekleri, silindirler, destek tekerlekleri, palet silindirleri destek tekerleri, çelik bant lastikler, iskele tekerleri, alışveriş arabaları imal

We produce a wide range of different tyre compounds within our international production sites based on our own designs of injected thermoplastic synthetics, casting elastomers (Polyurethane), elastic rubber and NDIIThane® for the specific applications of our OEM and distribution customers. Our own weld shop and pressing plant offers the highest production competences and efficiencies in steel constructions including aluminum die casting and cast forged parts for our tyres with rims, swivel castors, fixed castors, support arms, load wheel links, rotating assemblies, carrier systems, mounting systems, and spring or axle systems.

In cooperation with our partners, Wicke's quality in consulting has repeatedly led to tailor made solutions that demonstrate a high degree of innovative capability.. Our head office is located in Sprockhövel-Herzkamp, Germany with over 300 employees and we also have other production sites in the Czech Republic and the People’s Republic of China. All aspects of the business from initial contact through to manufacture, assembly and distribution is strongly customer-orientated which is vitally important to our key markets and partners.

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With latest mixing and casting equipment we produce articles made of NDIIThane®, self-developed Polyurethane labels Topthane®, Elasthane®, NIDIIThane®, SuperTrac®, DynaRoll®, FilaTron®, Conducthane®, Redthane®, Greythane®, Midthane®, Rockthane® and Staticthane® for heavy loads and specific applications up to 25 ton

In the rubber range we produce in-house under the brands Wicke -Elastic® and Wicke -Cleanmediate® wheels, castors and tyres up to 1000 mm and for loads up to 20 ton. Products for specific applications in different hardness, colors, forms and physical parameters for traction, load, wear and tear and ergonomically optimized load and drive wheels, steel band tyres and industrial molded parts.

Networked construction solutions

Networked construction and design solutions with international production and cost optimising are core competencies at Wicke today

We want to be a beneficial and value-creating integrated, design, production and logistic partner for our OEM customers. Supportively we work with a modern 2-D and 3-D construction software, FEM simulations, static and dynamic product-testing including IT-supported material and quality inspection systems.

The international production and logistics structure of Wicke accomplishes the challenging cost and proficiency level with a geographic proximity to our valuable customers.