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Codice-Wicke-no..: 170209N

Supporto girevole BN L 02/100/36R

• swivel fork made from galvanised sheet steel
• swivel head with double ball race and sealing of the upper ball race
• bolted wheel axle

Steel swivel forks with top plate. Swivel head with double ball race which is sealed to protect against dust and dirt. The top plate with four bolt holes is directly riveted to the fork to ensure smooth movement with minimal tolerances in the swivel head. The series L is suitable for manually moved loads up to 500 kg.

Blue Wicke-ELASTIC® solid tyre on a black polyamide wheel centre
• high elasticity
• great driving comfort
• good rolling resistance
• excellent damping characteristic at relatively high capacities
• non-marking, not contact-discolouring

Wheels of the series BN are made of a one-piece Polyamide wheel center with a directly vulcanized high quality blue Wicke - ELASTIC® rubber tyre with 63 Shore A hardness. The wheels are available with roller bearing or with ball bearing.

Resistenza all' avviamento: buonobuono
Resistenza al rotolamento: buonobuono
Rumorosità: ottimaleottimale
consumo: buonobuono

Dati tecnici
Diametro(D): 100 mm
Larghezza ruota(T): 36 mm
Larghezza piastra: 105 mm
Lunghezza piastra: 80 mm
Spessore piastra: 3 mm
Diametro foro di fissaggio(d): 9 mm
Altezza totale(H): 125 mm
Spostamento(F): 38 mm
Portata: 180 kg
Stoccaggio: Rollenlager
Materiale rivestimento: Elastic-Vollgummi blau
Materiale cerchio: PA 6

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Ruota BN 100/ 36- 80/1R
Codice articolo: 166393
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Supporto fisso BN B 02/100/36R
Supporto fisso
Codice articolo: 173102
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Supporto girevole BN L 02/100/36R-FSTF
Supporto girevole con FSTF
Codice articolo: 170208N
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