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Wicke offers all the advantages of a large employer in a family and collegial environment with 370 employees in Germany (more than 900 employees worldwide). Reliable wages and salaries, fixed masters' contracts as well as honors of long-term employees.

Our employees confirm with an agreement of more than 92% in an employee survey that we are on the right path here. We get that confirmed again and again:

Christina L., employee in our assembly, mother of twins: "I've been with Wicke for many years and as a mother of twins, punctual salary payments are particularly important to me, and with Wicke I always get my money super punctually, sometimes even three or four days before the end of the month."

Additional votes on an owner-managed company and security: "It's an advantage because it's all in one hand, it's about people, it's very different to the business, to people, boss is always there."

Not so anonymous, the boss knows each person personally, one attends to the needs of the employees, does not let anyone fall.

"The core workforce has fixed, permanent contracts and I would recommend the company to others."

"The company is reliable and I have never received my money late in my 35 years of service."