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Wicke-Article-Nº.: 185806

Castor giratorio BN L 02/100/36R-FSTF-VV

• swivel fork made from reinforced sheet sheet for very robust applications
• swivel head with double ball race and sealing of the upper ball race
• bolted wheel axle

Wicke fork series VV - with reinforced steel for robust applications with high impact loads and higher tolerance limits for overloads. In the swivel head, there is a double ball race with greased ball race channels and sealing to protection against dust and dirt. The top plate with four bolt holes is directly riveted to the fork to ensure smooth rotation with minimum tolerance in the swivel head. The mounting plate and forks are reinforced to achieve higher loading capacities and prevent possible deformations.

Blue Wicke-ELASTIC® solid tyre on a black polyamide wheel centre
• high elasticity
• great driving comfort
• good rolling resistance
• excellent damping characteristic at relatively high capacities
• non-marking, not contact-discolouring

Wheels of the series BN are made of a one-piece Polyamide wheel center with a directly vulcanized high quality blue Wicke - ELASTIC® rubber tyre with 63 Shore A hardness. The wheels are available with roller bearing or with ball bearing.

resistencia inicial: BienBien
Resistencia a la rodadura: BienBien
Ruido de rodadura: óptimoóptimo
Desgaste: BienBien

Especificaciones Técnicas

Diámetro (D): 100 mm
Ancho de rueda (T): 36 mm
Ancho de la placa superior: 105 mm
Longitud de la placa superior: 80 mm
Grosor de la placa superior: 4 mm
Alojamiento: 9 mm
Altura total: 128 mm
Desplazamiento: 40 mm
capacidad de carga: 180 kg
Rodamiento: Rollenlager
Material de la rueda: Elastic-Vollgummi blau
Material de la llanta : PA 6

Precio bajo pedido

Rueda BN 100/ 36- 80/1R
Identificacion de articulo: 166393
Precio bajo pedido
Castor fijo BN B 02/100/36R-VV
Castor fijo
Identificacion de articulo: 222443
Precio bajo pedido
Castor giratorio BN L 02/100/36R-VV
Castor giratorio
Identificacion de articulo: 180050
Precio bajo pedido

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