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Wicke-Article-Nº.: 169382

Castor giratorio PG LLAK 4/200/50K-FSTR

• swivel fork with tapered roller bearing and axial ball bearing in the swivel head, yellow anodised
• swivel head bolted and secured
• bolted wheel axle

Swivel forks with LLAK series top plate are made in heavy duty welded steel construction. The swivel head is equipped with a precision axial ball bearing (DIN 711/ISO 104) and a tapered roller bearing (DIN 720/ISO 355). Although the bearings are greased for life, they can be additionally greased with the grease nipple. The swivel head and the yoke are bolted and secured by a cross-linking, the swivel fork is yellow chromatised.

Heavy duty wheel with brown Topthane® 92 Shore A polyurethane tyre on a cast iron centre
• quiet running
• robust and resistant to abrasion and cut resistant
• highly resistant against many aggessive media

Wheels of the serie PG are made of a cast iron wheel centre with a vulcanised polyurethane Wicke - Topthane® 92 Shore A tyre. The Topthane® tyre is bonded to the wheel centre with a special bonding agent. The tyre is abrasion resistant with low starting and rolling resistance. The tyre is cut proof and has good tear strength. The wheels are with ball bearings.

resistencia inicial: muy bienmuy bien
Resistencia a la rodadura: muy bienmuy bien
Ruido de rodadura: muy bienmuy bien
Desgaste: óptimoóptimo

Especificaciones Técnicas

Diámetro (D): 200 mm
Ancho de rueda (T): 50 mm
Ancho de la placa superior: 135 mm
Longitud de la placa superior: 110 mm
Grosor de la placa superior: 8 mm
Alojamiento: 11 mm
Altura total: 245 mm
Desplazamiento: 65 mm
capacidad de carga: 1.000 kg
Rodamiento: Kugellager
Material de la rueda: Topthane® 92 Shore A braun
Material de la llanta : Guss

Precio bajo pedido

Rueda PG 200/ 50-170/4K
Identificacion de articulo: 107608
Precio bajo pedido
Castor fijo
Identificacion de articulo: 169388
Precio bajo pedido
Castor giratorio
Identificacion de articulo: 169381
Precio bajo pedido

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