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Wicke-Article-Nº.: 120004N

Castor giratorio KN L 02/100/38R

• swivel fork made from galvanised sheet steel
• swivel head with double ball race and sealing of the upper ball race
• bolted wheel axle

Steel swivel forks with top plate. Swivel head with double ball race which is sealed to protect against dust and dirt. The top plate with four bolt holes is directly riveted to the fork to ensure smooth movement with minimal tolerances in the swivel head. The series L is suitable for manually moved loads up to 500 kg.

Nylon wheels made of high quality polyamide PA 6 natural
• minimum running resistance on smooth surfaces

The wheels of the series KN are die casted wheels made of high quality Polyamide PA 6 in natural colour (white). The wheels are available with plain bearing, roller bearing or ball bearing. Polyamid 6 is suitable for applications for a temperature range of -40° up to +90°C.

resistencia inicial: óptimoóptimo
Resistencia a la rodadura: óptimoóptimo
Ruido de rodadura: suficientesuficiente
Desgaste: BienBien

Especificaciones Técnicas

Diámetro (D): 100 mm
Ancho de rueda (T): 38 mm
Ancho de la placa superior: 105 mm
Longitud de la placa superior: 80 mm
Grosor de la placa superior: 3 mm
Alojamiento: 9 mm
Altura total: 125 mm
Desplazamiento: 38 mm
capacidad de carga: 200 kg
Rodamiento: Rollenlager
Material de la rueda: Polyamid
Material de la llanta : PA 6

Precio bajo pedido

Rueda KN 200/ 50/4R
Identificacion de articulo: 100679
Precio bajo pedido
Castor fijo KN B 4/200/50R
Castor fijo
Identificacion de articulo: 120047
Precio bajo pedido
Castor giratorio KN L 4/200/50R-FSTF
Castor giratorio con freno FSTF
Identificacion de articulo: 146276N
Precio bajo pedido

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