About us

A modern innovative supply-chain partnership

WICKE - established in 1866

Wicke is a leading manufacturer of an extensive range of wheels & castors.

We manufacture to international standards Vulkollan®, Polyurethane/ Topthane® and elastic rubber products. With our complete chassis system components, we have successfully developed a design partnership with our OEM clients and our worldwide pioneering supply chain is fulfilling the high standards demanded from our global clients offering effective solutions to supply chain demands.

Wicke Manufacture in Germany, the Czech Republic and the Peoples Republic of China. The Wicke organisation including its worldwide sales network now employs approximately 850 people.


Our subsidiary company Wicke Castors Co. Ltd, Zhongshan started the production of wheels & castors in 1994.
With its modern presses, plastic processing and rubber vulcanisation plant it is the preferred production location for the volume series of castors & wheels for materials handling/transport applications. The efficiency of the plant is controlled by our world class quality design management system.