Wicke Castors & Wheels - We keep it in motion

Wicke is a manufacturer of wheels as well as swivel and fixed castors for every field of transport application. In recent years, Wicke has specialized in design and production of heavy castors and wheels for heavy loads.Wicke employs about 250 qualified people in the plant near Wuppertal. All employees contribute in finding solutions for technical and other problems in connection with castors and wheels for industrial use.

Your specialist for wheels and castors

We manufacture products of Vulkollan® (under license from Covestro Group®) and Polyurethane with our own-brands Wicke Topthane®, DynaRoll®, SuperTrac® and FilaTron®. With our latest moulding and mixing production line we combine economical production with quality control governing the whole process enabling us to manufacture consistently quality products to satisfy the high standards demanded by our clients.

Working closely with our clients

Working closely with the construction departments of our OEM clients to achieve practical & cost effective solutions for construction and design are today Wicke’s core capabilities, this is also supported with modern 2-D & 3-D construction software. We are continuing to work with our self-developed Wicke brands of Polyurethane:Topthane®, SuperTrac®, DynaRoll®, FilaTron®, Conducthane®, Redthane®, Greythane®, Midthane®, Rockthane®, Staticthane® and we are also producing tyres with Vulkollan® which is our high quality Polyurethane developed with license in partnership with Covestro Group®.