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Wicke-Artikelnummer.: 205041

Styrehjul KS LG 02/100/35K-FSTF

• swivel fork made of reinforced galvanised sheet steel
• double hardened ball race
• fork head bolted and secured
• bolted wheel axle

Steel swivel forks with top plate. In the swivel head, there is a hardened and sealed double ball race with greased ball race channels and sealing as a protection against dust and dirt. The top plate with four bolt holes is directly bolted to the yoke and secured to ensure smooth movement with minimal tolerances in the swivel head.

Heavy Duty nylon wheels made of high quality PA 6 nature
• minimum running resistance on smooth surfaces
• break-resistant with high load capacities
• resistant against saltwater, bases and acids
• heat resistant from -40°C to +90°C

The wheels of the series KS are heavy duty die casted wheels made of high quality Polyamide PA 6 in natural colour (white). The wheels are available with plain bearing or with ball bearing.

Startmodstand: optimaloptimal
Rullemodstand: optimaloptimal
Støj: tilstrækkeligtilstrækkelig
Slid: godtgodt

Teknisk data
Diameter: 100 mm
Hjul brede (T): 35 mm
Plade brede: 100 mm
Plade længde: 85 mm
Plade tykkelse: 6 mm
Monterings hul diameter (d): 9 mm
Byggehøjde (H): 140 mm
Udlæg (F): 45 mm
Belastning: 500 kg
Bearing: Kugellager
Dæk materiale: Polyamid
Fælg materiale: PA 6

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