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Wicke-artikl-číslo.: 181870


The truck lock is used to secure a mobile vehicle in a fixed position but should not be used to raise the vehicle. The truck lock should be assembled directly under the unit next to one of the castors or centrally between two castors. The distance between the upper side of the top plate and the floor should be 245mm. By activating the pedal you change the overall height of the lock, causing contact between the floor and the rubber element. The unit is then fixed on the floor with around 55 daN. When the lock is in this position it is not possible to rotate the swivel castors. The change in height is altered by a toggle lever system. By moving the truck lock lever over its dead centre position the height of the lock is increased to 245mm. The required force for this is 55 daN, the force required prior to reaching the central position is approximately 17 daN. Using the side release pedal with a force of ca. 7 daN returns the truck lock back its original height. The truck lock is painted in signal grey RAL 7004.

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